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Walter Bright's Classic Empire

Wargame of the Century (tm)

Empire is a simulation of a global conflict between two to three implacable foes. No compromise is possible, each must strive to annihilate the other. The war is conducted over a large map, with land, sea and cities on it. Each player manipulates his armies, fighters and ships to try and smash the others, to reach the goal of total domination of the world. Empire is not a video arcade-type game. It is a thinking man's game, as it requires strategy and tactics instead of hand-eye coordination.

Warning: Empire has been known to be addictive. Typical games can take several hours.

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No good idea comes without rejection from the established players!

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These versions are copyrighted by Walter Bright. They are downloadable for personal non-commercial use only. If you would like to redistribute them or create a derived version, contact me for a license. Thanks!



I've been looking for some original copies of old versions of software. If you have any copies in any condition, rather than throw them away, contact me and I'd like to buy them from you!
  • Datalight C
  • Zorland C
  • Zortech C++
  • Interstel Empire
  • Empire Deluxe
  • Empire Deluxe : The Official Strategy
  • Empire II : The Art of War


Painting by Dave Dorman