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Mail Bag

A sampling of letters and messages I receive about Empire

Mr. Bright,

Every now and then when I get tired of the "modern" computer/video games, I go back to the old favorite Empire. It was not on my current gaming machine and I was surprised to see an XP version on the web site. I'd just torn the house apart looking for the Star Fleet Planetary Task Force Command Manual so I could install it and play. Thank you for making it available.


If I remember this game I spent untold hours playing Empire on my Amiga. What a game! It was simple but fun. Thanks for creating that game.


Mr. Bright,
I have been playing your game "Empire" for more than a dozen years or so and it has been a source of terrific entertainment every time I play. The manual is dogged-eared, dirty, and pretty worn from looking up the passwords, but that doesn't stop me. Every time I upgrade my computer, the first game that is transferred is Empire. Just wanted to say thanks for a GREAT game.

My wife hates you. All those hours I spent years ago up in the spare bedroom playing Empire :-)


Hi Walter Bright,

About 20 years now I play the game of Empire almost daily without knowing where it came from. In the file empire.exe I found: Original author(s) unknown Translated into C by Jim and Dave Beveridge, Jan->Mar 1985 Version 5.00 enhancements by Dave, Apr 1985 9 Berry Lane Acton, MA 01720 EMPIRE, Version 5.00 1-Dec-82 MS-DOS Release 1.1, 27-Jun-85 Yesterday I used Google and was amazed to find your website and the windows-version in color of the game. After all those years a big surprise. Thank you very much for this game, the best ever made!



I wish I had a loonie,(Canadian money), for every hour I played your fantastic game. I used to set my Amiga so the games would take 12 hours most of the time! I loved it,and only played IT from around 87 - 94 when my Amiga packed it in. I have an un-used " Deluxe " version for the old 286s' but I can't find a version to play on my PC anywhere in Ottawa! The game is absolutely my fave,and the crap that's around nowadays is a waste of time. What version would I need t purchase to run it on my Intel Pentium 3,using Windows ME? Or is there a version for that? God how I miss my EMPIRE!


(P.S.-as you know the Deluxe version uses the old MS-DOS). I have something called Lupus, and I can't even put into words how much playing Empire helped me get through some awful difficult days and nights! God Bless,Walter!!!!

Greetings Walter,

Boy, this is a little weird. I spent countless (100s) hours in the mid/late 80's playing "Empire" on my IBM 256K. I was definitely addicted! WOW, what a great game! My hat is off to you! & thank you!

Recently I got to thinking about it and tried to find if the game had been updated, but to no avail. So I looked on the internet and found this link to you. I'm currently running XT and was hoping to be able to download a version for it but saw that it only went as far as Win98. Will that work for me?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With regards, Mike

Hello Mr. Bright,

I must say that I am a fan of yours because of the beautiful game you have designed... Empire the game of the century. I remember playing for days when i was a kid with Amiga. After having played graphics enhanced games, I have been thinking of going back to the origins. I am sending you this mail asking if you could help me find the same game that runs under windows XP. Is it possible? I have been looking on the internet and have found a game that looks like yours that is beeing released by killerbeesoftware and wanted to know if you know anything about it. If I want to play the original game on an xp cpu is it possible? Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards


Dear Mr. Bright

for years ago I played with friends your game "Empire - Wargame of the century". We had a lot of fun!!

My English isn't very good, so I will ask you directly.

Where can I get / buy your game? I live in Germany and use a PC with windows xp.

Sincerely yours


It appears that we have a lot in common. Apart from being an Empire addict, lover of science fiction, I have been a software developer for 30 years. I have several copies of Empire the oldest I will attach to this note since it is quite small. I also have Empire Deluxe for Window and the newest internet edition. You are probably looking for the original boxed software which I have never seen. If you would like a copy of the Deluxe Edition let me know. I play , using PBM, every day with a friend in another city. We have been playing since we worked together back in 1995-6. Thank you for your ground breaking work.